14 octubre 2013

SQL Server 2014 Video Series (SQL Server 2014 Installation)

This is the first of a series of videos regarding the new features that SQL Server 2014 will bring us. As you could be aware of, some months ago, Microsoft made public the first public release of SQL Server 2014 (CPT1). SQL Server 2014 as the name indicates, is expected to be launched at some time during 2014. You can download and play installing it by yourself from here.

One of the most promoted new features in this new release of SQL 2014 is without any doubt, the embedded In-Memory engine in the relational engine not just for read-only indexes (as column store indexes) but also for all insert, update and delete transactions as typical in transactional applications. This new in-memory engine technology is coded-named “Hekaton”.

From my perspective, I will be sharing with you the new features and experiences that SQL 2014 will bring us to deliver better business intelligence and performance management solutions.

As it is typical, we will start showing you how to do a basic SQL Server 2014 installation using the CPT1. The next two videos of this series will be related to installing Sharepoint 2013 over SQL Server 2014 and configuring Reporting Services (Power View) in Sharepoint Integrated Mode.

Here the first one. Installing SQL Server 2014 CPT1:

Here some other resources where you can more interesting information about SQL Server 2014:


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